Zarja – The story behind the name of my company

Zarja means sunrise and new beginning. In the early summer of 2016 I was on a swamp near my home, watching the blossoming of cloudberries under the morning sun. White cottongrass was covering the swamp, waving in the wind. While I was picking some of them, I kept thinking of a name for my company, which was still unresolved. An idea came to my mind. Why not call it Sunrise? Back home I started to investigate and found out that there was currently nothing on the Finnish registry which would prevent me from registering that name as my business or product name.

The idea for Zarja frames

The idea of easy framing was born in the 1990s, when our eldest children were small and eager craftsmen and artists. Back then I was working in a kindergarten. I made my first prototype with a local framer. It had openings for four A4 size artworks and I called it The Cottage Window. The Cottage Window was a very traditional set of four wood frames made of pine, each with a passepartout, a backing sheet and a front glass. It felt nice to display four artworks in the same frame on our living room wall. The kids liked it, for them it was new and wonderful.

People urged me to continue developing the frame because similar products didn't exist yet. Well, it didn't happen. Replacing the framed works of art with new ones wasn't easy. It was time-consuming and I was always the one who had to do it. The Blu-Tack which held the artworks in place dried with time, and the papers didn't stay properly attached anymore. One day the children were playing soccer, and the frame accidentally fell on the floor. The glass broke and the frame was torn open. I tried to fix it, but it was too late. The frame was not suitable for fast, easy and aesthetic framing. The idea remained. In 2015, the renovation of our school building was finished and we moved in from the temporary building. Unfortunately the new walls didn't like Blu Tack. Displaying children's art became a challenge.  

I took the challenge and got a development grant from ELY (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment). It helped me to develop the project further and Zarja - a serial frame, which comprises five nested frames (sized A3 - A7) with compatible color, size and material. Frames are available in wood and plastic and they fit inside each other. Later, Zarja - ILONframe was created, enabling large, square and long artwork to be displayed.

Now framing is easy, fast and convenient, and a child can do it by himself. It also saves time of adults. All you need is a suitable background to attach the magnetic frames. For this purpose Zarja IDEAbackground or any metallic surface, such as  a refrigerator door or a freezer door, is ideal. In addition, the frame is ideally suited for metal and magnetically painted walls, on which the attached frames can form larger collections. There are many kindergartens and schools with walls like this. Magnetically painted walls are becoming more common in homes too, and Zarja is also developing a variety of alternative solutions.  

Zarja frames have no fragile corners, glass or any other materials or structures which break easily. The frame is open, so it also allows framing artwork which is not traditionally "flat", for example three-dimensional art. A wide range of materials can be used to create a sophisticated look for all kinds of art. You can wash and decorate INNOframes as you like, for example by painting them or bringing them to life with self-made or store-bought stickers and other decorations. In addition, the frame is an ecological option because you can always use the same frame again and again.  

Can this framing solution help you support your children's innovation, creativity and active learning? We've also noticed that Zarja's products inspire adult decorators to re-arrange the notes on a refrigerator wall, highlight a wonderful card from a friend or display the family's timetables and budget lists inside stylish frames.

Our products are utility model protected and have a trademark. We manufacture our products in Finland with an idea to create common good. I hope you will experience many happy moments while using these frames. Their ultimate idea lies in the fact that joy and innovativeness are both achievable to us. A small artist lives in every one of us - in you too.

Next: Read about our INNOstu & ONNIstu slogan, or see our products!

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